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Apex Legends Server Patch Fixes Pre-Match Fighting Bug

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Server Patch Fixes Pre-Match Fighting Bug

Respawn Entertainment pushed a server patch for Apex Legends that fixed a bug which allowed players to damage others before a match even started.

The bug appeared shortly after the 3.1 update went live on Tuesday, which introduced a new Duos mode and improved training area among other changes.

The bug allowed some players to damage enemy players during the loading screen between selecting a character and waiting to exit the dropship.

Pressing the melee button rapidly would connect with other players, even causing the melee sound with successful hits. Since players have not even begun the match and have no armor, too many hits will down them within the ship before even dropping.

The Apex Legends hotfix also fixed another bug that allowed players to quit Ranked matches before starting without receiving abandon penalties.

Respawn also made note of a few changes not stated in the 3.1 update patch notes, such as adjusted loot distribution and added more spaen beacon locations around the World’s Edge map.

The server patch is now live for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and does not require an update to download.

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