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Apex Legends Gets Increased Level Cap, New Gun Charms, and More


Apex Legends Gets Increased Level Cap, New Gun Charms, and More

The Halloween event and duos option have come and gone. Respawn is now keeping players in the loop on what’s to be expected in the future. Apex Legends will be receiving a level cap increase, progression changes, and more next month.

In a recent tweet, Respawn let fans know that an update will be coming on Dec. 3 that focuses on player level progression. You won’t have to constantly be wondering when you received your last Apex Pack, as they should appear more often.

According to their site, players can expect more rewards upon gaining levels once the changes go live. Players at max level will also be retroactively rewarded with 14 Apex Packs.

Here are the specific changes to the leveling system, and the new corresponding rewards for leveling up:

  • Player Level cap increased from 100 -> 500
    • XP required to hit level 100 has been reduced by approximately 5% to smooth out per level XP increases
  • Players can now earn 199 Apex Packs by level 500 (previously 45)
    • Level 2 – 20: One pack every level (19 Apex Packs total)
    • Level 22 – 300: One pack every two levels (140 Apex Packs total)
    • Level 305 – 500: One pack every five levels (40 Apex Packs total)
    • You will continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens per level and per 18,000 XP at level 500
    • Apex Packs rewards will be retroactive

In addition to those alterations, players will also receive new badges every 10 levels, starting at level 110.

Player Level Gun Charms will also be earned for every 100 levels. These level charms will be joined by 36 new charms with varying designs. The miscellaneous charms can be obtained through Apex Packs.

The non-level charms can also be purchased in the rotating shop by those who aren’t feeling so lucky.

Apex Legends Level Cap Increase

On top of all this, the XP required to level up at lower levels has been reduced to allow new players to receive more rewards.

The total XP needed to reach level 100 has gone down by 5%. This means that even current players may jump up in level after the update if their levels aren’t yet above 100.

Does this update make you want to hop back in to Apex Legends to play some more? Let us know in the comments below.

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