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The Textorcist Types Its Way Onto the Mac App Store

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The Textorcist Types Its Way Onto the Mac App Store

If you ever wanted an arcadey, pixelated game that tested your typing and dodging skills on your aging Mac, Headup Games has some good news: its critically acclaimed game The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is now available on the Mac App Store.

If you never heard of The Textorcist, it is self-described as “an electrifying mix of bullet hell and typing game.” Essentially, the game combines the typing gameplay of Typing of the Dead (or Mario Teaches Typing) with the legendarily, pixel-perfect difficulty of games like Touhou Project —and wraps it all up in a pixel art aesthetic. Moreover, The Textorcist provides a dark story revolving around sins, redemption, and a healthy dose of black comedy.

The Mac App Store version also comes packaged with the Forgotten Relics update. Right from the get-go, Mac users can dive into the boss rush mode and tackle ultra-hard boss fights.

The Textorcist has been available on Steam since Febuary, but today marks the first day the game steps onto the Mac App Store. Better yet, the Mac App Store version seems to have received a bit of optimization, as players can run the game with the Mac OS X 10.6, as opposed to the Steam version’s Mac OS X 10.7 requirement. For those of you who don’t know, 10.7 was released in 2011, but 10.6 was released in 2009.

However, the Mac App Store version of The Textorcist requires 419.2 MB of hard drive space, whereas the Steam version lists a measly 250 MB of space.

If you own a Mac and don’t know which version to buy, the Mac App Store version of The Textorcist is currently running an “early adopters” sale. Right now, the game is $11.99 on the store. The sale will only last until Friday, when the price will go back to $14.99.

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