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4 Things to Do First in Pokemon Sword & Shield


4 Things to Do First in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Whether you are a returning veteran or a newcomer to the longrunning series, jumping into Pokemon Sword & Shield can be initially overwhelming.

There is so much to do, so much to see, and of course hundreds of Pokemon to catch. Well, hold on to your Ponyta’s for a second there, because there are a few things you should do before dive headlong into your quest to become the Galar region’s next Pokemon Master.

Catch and Battle a Variety of Pokemon

This one should be obvious, and it is why we play Pokemon after all. Catching a wide assortment of Pokemon will give you a lot of options, something that can be very useful if you find your starter is at a type disadvantage.

Pokemon Sword & Shield features a large variety of Pokemon in the early hours, with almost every type being present in some form or another. This is a welcome change from the older generations, where some types were gated by story progress.

And while capturing Pokemon is important, defeating a certain number must be prioritized. The experience you gain will be invaluable, and as it is shared in Sword & Shield, it will bring up the strength of every member of your party.

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