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World of Warcraft: How to Get Nightwreathed Egg & What It’s Used For

Nightwreathed Egg, Nightwreathed Watcher

World of Warcraft: How to Get Nightwreathed Egg & What It’s Used For

Ardent World of Warcraft pet collectors likely already have the Nightwreathed Egg, but many of the game’s players are unaware of where to get this much-coveted item. Introduced in Patch 8.10, the Nightwreathed Egg and its reward are still pretty rare, so find out how to get the Nightwreathed Egg and discover its use below.

The item can be found in Darkshore from a rare elite, but the enemy who drops it depends on your faction. Alliance members will need to hunt down Orwell Stevenson, whereas members of the Horde will need to find Grimhorn.

Orwell Stevenson is an undead hunter who spawns just North of the Ruins of Auberdine. He patrols a little, but just find the world boss Ivus the Forest Lord and old Stevenson will be found around there.

Grimhorn, on the other hand, can be found South of Lor’Danel and North of Bashal’aran. Follow the river until you reach the waterfall, and you should be close. He looks like a big deer, but he isn’t too hard to take down these days.

Each mob has a 15% chance to drop the Nightwreathed Egg which hatches after five days in your inventory.

How to Get the Nightwreathed Egg in World of Warcraft

  1. Found in Darkshore from a rare elite

    Alliance members must hunt down Orwell Stevenson. Horde players must track Grimhorn.

What is the Nightwreathed Egg Used For?

After letting the egg sit in your inventory (which appears to double as an incubator) it’ll hatch into a Nightwreathed Watcher. It appears that this is up to chance, but exact percentages for the probability of the pet hatching from the egg instead of a generic item haven’t been made yet.

The Nightwreathed Watcher is a relatively rare flying-type battle pet. The description for the pet reads: “It is an honor in the Sentinel Army to be entrusted with the care of an owl born from the boughs of the great tree Teldrassil.”

The pet would make a nice combo for Night Elves and druids with its ethereal aesthetic. Lore-wise, these owls are residents of Teldrassil, and have played an important role in communications in the Sentinel Army.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Nightwreathed Egg. For more on World of Warcraft, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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