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The Best Trails Games, All 8 Ranked


The Best Trails Games, All 8 Ranked

The Legend of Heroes is one of the longest-running JRPG franchises out there, but it really found its groove with the Trails series. The Trails games are all lengthy experiences that build a convincing continuous world, and we’re here to rank them.

Do note, however, that we haven’t included Trails of Cold Steel III and Cold Steel IV, as they’re not easily accessible to English audiences. We will be updating this list with Cold Steel III once it’s launched in the United States.

8. Nayuta No Kiseki (Trails of Nayuta)

Although it bears the Trails name, Nayuta No Kiseki is actually a spinoff that takes place in an entirely different world and bears no connection to the rest of the series. Also unlike other Trails games, Nayuta is an action-RPG in the vein of Falcom’s other franchise, Ys.

Although never localized for the West, Nayuta focuses on a young boy of the same name who lives in the Sciencia Sea, a vast area filled with countless islands.

The game sports a different feel due to taking place entirely aboard a ship or islands, and just like other Trails games there’s a ton of lore and backstory to dig into.

Nayuta’s combat may not be quite as tight and responsive as later Ys games, but there’s still an enjoyable, if a bit clunky, action-RPG underneath.

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