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Monkey Barrels Announced Exclusively for Nintendo Switch by Yoshi’s Crafted World Developer

Monkey Barrels

Monkey Barrels Announced Exclusively for Nintendo Switch by Yoshi’s Crafted World Developer

Today Tokyo-based developer Good-Feel announced a brand new top-down action shooter titled Monkey Barrels for Nintendo Switch.

Today Tokyo-based developer Good-Feel announced a brand new top-down action shooter titled Monkey Barrels.

The game is coming for Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop very soon, on November 7, and it’ll cost $14.99. Pre-orders are already available.

It will support a whopping eleven languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Designed in a rather charming “3D pixel art” style, it’s set in a post-apocalyptic Japan ruled by the consumer electronic corporation “Crabbenwold Electro”.

It includes a story mode with 22 stages, 98 weapons, and an online competitive mode with up to six players.

If the name Good-Feel doesn’t ring a bell, you probably do know theirwork, as they developed Yoshi’s Crafted World, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, Yoshi’s Woolly World, and quite a lot more games for Nintendo.

Below you can check out a trailer, screenshots, and artwork.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s what the developers have to say about Monkey Barrels, directly from the press release:

An exhilarating, hard-hitting action shooting game where you can fight with a combination of 98 different weapons!

MONKEY BARRELS is a top-down action shooting game in which players can choose 2 main weapons (such as guns) and 2 sub-weapons (hand grenades, shields, etc.) from a total of 98 different types of weapons and customize their weapon rosters depending on their skill set or tactical situations.

Each weapon is unique; first player can freely combine the weapons to fit their playing style and fight their way through the 22 hard-hitting stages. At the end of each area is a powerful, unique area boss awaits.

Features a wild eye-opener, the Wild Attack, a killer move that completely changes the battle situation!

When the attacks player made or the damage received raise the WILD gauge to a certain level, player can perform the Wild Attack. With this killer move, everyone can carry out a powerful area-of-effect attack that eliminates enemies and bullets in the surrounding area while providing buffs to player’s abilities for a certain amount of time. Making strategic use of the Wild Attack is a key for achieving victory.

Motorcycles, tanks, and various other gimmicks!

In some stages there are vehicle gimmicks for attacking, such as a motorcycle or a tank. In these stages, such as a Shoot’em up stage where player can advance on a motorcycle and a stage that features an exciting tank battle.

Huge, exciting boss battle awaits!

In the last stage in each area, player will find unique, powerful enemies that bring together the very best of Crabbenwold Electro’s technology. These bosses are a cut above the other enemies in the game, and they bring Masaru and his friends under withering attack in many ways.

In this post-apocalyptic battle of the monkeys and the crabs, the hero must take on an army of robots in order to rescue his close friend, Kotetsu.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic Japan, where an army of home-appliance robots from electronics manufacturer Crabbenwold Electro has exterminated humanity. In the destroyed cities, animals are living peacefully using the items left behind by the humans.

The hero — Masaru — and his friends are living easy, carefree lives until one day Echizen Kanida, CEO of Crabbenwold and ruler of the world, abducts Masaru’s close friend, Kotetsu.

Masaru and his sidekicks decide to set off on a journey to get their friend back, and it is at this point that the “The Monkey-Crab Wars to end all wars”, i.e., between the monkeys and Kanida Electro.

Monkeys against monkeys! Online competition for up to six players!

In addition to the story mode, the game also includes the Banana Scramble, an online competition mode for up to six players in which monkeys compete against other monkeys.

The rules for this mode are very simple: at the end of the three-minute competition, the monkey with the most bananas wins. Players can either pick up the bananas that are scattered around the stage or attack other players and steal their bananas.

The Banana Scramble can be played using a variety of different strategies, everything from only attacking other players to only gathering the bananas that other players leave behind.

Devise your own strategy, rack up win after win, and become the king of the monkey hill!

Beautiful game graphics featuring 3D and pixel art.

The game’s graphics apply 3D rendering to pixel art, resulting in a gaming experience that is new but has a retro feel. The graphics depict in beautiful, minute detail the scenery of a Japan in ruins, where humanity has died out.

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