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Modern Warfare: Multiplayer Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Modern Warfare: Multiplayer Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Call of Duty’s latest iteration, Modern Warfare, brings back single player to the series. However, multiplayer is still a significant part of the experience. While many people will have played a Call of Duty multiplayer before, here are some multiplayer tips and tricks for anyone who is jumping into the series for the first time with Modern Warfare.

Most of these tips and tricks will be focused on honing your mindset for going into multiplayer matches, rather than specific instances to look out for, as that’ll help you get to grips with how the game plays and give you a good starting place.

Settle on Weapon Loadouts That Work For You

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Tips & Tricks

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Just as you do in every Call of Duty game, you unlock the ability to create a class at level 4. You’ll get a vague idea of what’s available to you from the preset loadouts, but it’s important to experiment with the variety of weapons and gear as soon as you’re able to.

You’ll want to do this because you’ll do well if you become comfortable with one or two particular loadouts. Learning the recoil level of a particular assault rifle and getting an idea of what perks work with your playstyle will help you in the action.

Taking out enemies will become second nature, so that you’re no wasting time or ammo, and you’ll learn when is best to use your gear. Switching between things too much early on will see you struggle to get into the flow of Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.

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