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Modern Warfare: How to Get Nukes

modern warfare nuke

Modern Warfare: How to Get Nukes

Guns and grenades will normally do the job in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, but sometimes you need that extra bit of firepower. That’s where killstreaks normally come in, but beyond even the Juggernaut armor and air support, some players may be wondering if they can call in a Tactical Nuke. Well, good news is that you can. Here’s how to get Nukes in Modern Warfare.

Getting Nukes in Modern Warfare

To get a Tactical Nuke in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, you’ll have to rack up a 30 kill killstreak. These 30 kills can only be obtained with weapons, lethal, and tactical throwables only, according to Ashton Williams, Senior Communications Manager at Infinity Ward.

Upon racking up your 30 killstreak, the Tactical Nuke option will be made available to players.

To use it, simply press right on the d-pad as you would for any other killstreak. This will call in the Nuke, ending the game in the process. The screen will go a bright white, and you’ll rack up a bunch of points for all of your simultaneous kills.

This is the only way you can get a Tactical Nuke and rightfully so. Getting a 30 killstreak is pretty impressive, and is deserving of a game-ending bomb drop.

Introduced back in Modern Warfare 2, which was the beginning of Call of Duty’s dominance for many, the top end killstreak is devastating.

How do you get a Tactical Nuke in Modern Warfare?

Get a 30 kill streak using weapons, lethal gear, and tactical throwables.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Nukes in Modern Warfare. Check our Modern Warfare guide wiki for more tips, search for Twinfinite, or have a glance at more of our guides down below.

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