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MediEvil PS4: How to Beat Graveyard Guardians

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MediEvil PS4: How to Beat Graveyard Guardians

MediEvil PS4, a remastered and visually impressive version of the classic PS1 game is an extremely faithful recreation of the game 90s gamers remember. Not much is different other than the visuals/sounds, and the Graveyard Guardians are still around and are your first real challenge in MediEvil PS4. Here’s how to beat the Graveyard Guardians and enter the world of the living in Medievil PS4.

How to Beat the Graveyard Guardians in MediEvil PS4

The Graveyard Guardians in MediEvil PS4 are very elusive and you can’t just run up to them and start hacking away like just about everything else in the game thus far.

They will circle you on the outskirts of the map and then in and eventually pop out for a quick attack before retreating back to the outside circle.

Your window of opportunity to hit them after their attack is very small, only about a second or two before they disappear. You can attack them while they are trying to hit you, but obviously you’re likely going to take some damage.

They safest way to beat the Graveyard Guardians in MediEvil PS4 is to use the Crossbow or Throwing Knives to hit them from afar. It takes a while, but it’s pretty hard to die as long as you’re patient.

Dodge their attack, unload a few bolts to plink away at their health and then rinse and repeat.

Note that as their health lowers, their attacks become more complicated as they will try to fake you out and/or strike more than once at you. Still it follows a predicable pattern and you can still hit them with a few bolts/knives.

If you run out of ammo, you can still kill them with a sword, just keep an eye on your health and don’t attack too recklessly.

That’s what we recommend for how to beat the Graveyard Guardians in MediEvil PS4. Enjoy getting through the rest of the game. For our full thoughts on this remaster of the PS1 classic, check out our fully scored review.

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