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Indivisible: How to Get More Action Points

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Indivisible: How to Get More Action Points

Indivisible’s combat system can be quite challenging at times, forcing you to stay active with using different moves, managing your Ihddi Meter, and defending or dodging against enemy attacks. If you really want to bring the fight to enemies, though, you’ll need as many attacks as possible. With that, here’ how to get more action points in Indivisible.

How to Get More Action Points in Indivisible

Each character in Indivisible has their own unique attacks and effects, all of which are dictated by Action Points. The colored orbs underneath a character during battle notes their action points, and they’ll constantly build whenever an ally or enemy isn’t using an attack.

You’ll start the game with only two Action Points, but it’s pretty easy to get more.

Early on in the game you’ll automatically meet two characters that can enhance your abilities, named Mani and Ratna. In order to do so you’ll need to find Ringels, the red crystals that serve as a collectible.

Ringels can be found across the different environments of the game, usually tucked away in corners of alternate pathways. Keep an ear out for a kind of shimmering sound, as it denotes that there’s a Ringel nearby.

If you hear the sound, start looking around for a Ringel as it’ll be in your nearby area.

Once you have five, hold down circle (B) and then press up to enter your Inner Realm. Go to the right and talk to Ratna, the red character. For five Ringels she’ll enhance your offensive abilities, which includes bumping up your action points to three.

If you can collect 20 more Ringels, you can talk to Ratna again to bump up your action points to four. Of course, keep in mind that you can also give your Ringels to Mani to boost your defensive capabilities, so you’ll need to prioritize.

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

To sum up how to get more action points in Indivisible.

  1. Progress through the game until you meet Mani and Ratna.

  2. Hold down circle (B/A) to enter your Inner Realm then head to the right to talk to Ratna. For five Ringels she’ll increase your action points.

    Ringels are collectibles scattered throughout the game’s world. Listen for a shimmering sound when a Ringel is nearby.

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