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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Flycatcher Location: How to Get P90 Signature Weapon

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Flycatcher Location: How to Get P90 Signature Weapon

No matter what shooting game you’re playing, the P90 is always going to be a gun you’ll want to get. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is no different, as the Flycatcher’s P90 is one of the most valuable weapons in the game. Here is everything you need to know about how to get the P90 signature weapon.

How to Get P90 Signature Weapon

In order to get your hands on the Flycatcher’s P90, you’ll need to progress a good way through the game.

To be exact, you learn about the weapon and its holder during the “Without a Trace” mission.

After you complete the mission, a new one opens up called “Hear No Evil.” This is the mission that features the Flycatcher P90 as a reward for beating it.

It should be noted that the base Gear Level you should have while attempting this mission is 50, otherwise, you’ll have a hard time beating it.

For this mission, you’ll be given three separate marker points that you’ll need to head to in order to gather intel.

Each is indicated on the map, with two of them being research facilities and one being a base.

Once you’ve grabbed the intel, the Arrow Testing Zone is your next destination.

Get into the base and head down the ladder to the main hanger. If you can manage to sneak through all of this, you’ll be much better off.

Regardless of how you make your way in, you’ll need to hack the computer in the middle of the room to gain the access key.

Kill the Flycatcher

Go back up the ladder, clear out the enemies, and open up the door. Alongside a couple of other wolves, drones, and turrets, the Flycatcher will be waiting.

Killing him will not only give you the intel you need to complete the mission, but it also unlocks the Flycatcher P90 signature gun blueprint.

With the P90’s mobility, high damage and mag capacity, your enemies don’t stand a chance.

To summarize, you’ll need to follow these steps to get the Flycatcher’s P90 signature weapon:

  1. Progress to “Without a Trace” and learn of the Flycatcher.

  2. Beat “Without a Trace” and play “Hear No Evil”.

    Gear Level 50 is recommended.

  3. Gather all three bits of intel located on the map.

  4. Head to the Arrow Testing Range.

  5. Sneak or fight your way down the ladder & get the access code.

  6. Go back up the ladder, use the code on the door, and eliminate Flycatcher.

    He drops the P90 signature weapon when he dies.

That is all you’ll need to know about how to get the P90 signature weapon. If you’re on the lookout for more signature weapons, help, or anything else relevant to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, be sure to check out our ever-growing guide wiki.

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