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Destiny Gamers Behind “Saw Something Weird At” Dance Videos Are Back at it Again

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Destiny Gamers Behind “Saw Something Weird At” Dance Videos Are Back at it Again

The group of gamers behind the some of the most elaborate dance routines you’ll ever find in a game, Husky Raid, have ‘woken from a long absence and have uploaded a new hysterical dance music video taking place in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s new Moon location (now 100% more haunted).

If you don’t remember Husky Raid but you do remember that Destiny Backstreet Boys mashup from years ago then yep, it’s those people again.

However in the years since their last upload Bungie has really stepped up their emote game up. Husky Raid made sure to utilize all the tools at their disposal to create another gem of a musical journey that includes Ghostbuters theme (duh) and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

Anyway, there’s no point in me talking about it anymore, view the fruits of what must have taken the better part of a week of practice down below.

There’s a long build up (that’s worth it) but if you want to just skip to the actual dance proper, the time stamp for that is 3:11. As a final note before the video I’m glad to see Hard Light is still at least good for something.

Sadly for those of us that want to see even more Husky Raid videos, a member representing the group confirms at the end of the video that the absence since their last dance routine is because their lives outside of Destiny have become too busy.

They all have exciting real-life responsibilities such as new jobs and new kids, and we shouldn’t expect any new dance videos any time soon.

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