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Destiny 2: What the Recommended Power Level is For the Garden of Salvation Raid

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Destiny 2: What the Recommended Power Level is For the Garden of Salvation Raid

With Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Shadowkeep, upon us at last, veteran Guardian’s have only one thing on their mind: What the recommended power level is for the new raid, Garden of Salvation.

Getting raid ready is a time-honored tradition at this point, and you probably have the most optimal course of action planned out with your Fireteam to raise your existing power level to the cap of 960. However, you’ll need to complete pinnacle activities such as Garden of Salvation to get from 950 to 960.

However, before attempting the raid, you’ll want to make sure you’re high enough power level before wasting your time.

Recommended Power Level for the Garden of Salvation Raid

The magical number you and your Fireteam will want to try and achieve is power level 940 if you want to not be in a very disadvantageous position for all of the boss encounters in Garden of Salvation.

However, if you’re at least 920 you can stand a chance provided you’re a skilled raid veteran, possibly even lower although we really wouldn’t recommend it.

To get to 940 power level quickly, make sure you’re doing all of your weekly challenges on all the characters once you’ve reached the soft cap.

Make sure to spend time honing your skills with your fireteam, as well, making sure everyone knows their role on the battlefield and checking out strategies for the best way to complete all of the Garden of Salvation encounters.

The Garden of Salvation is a six-man raid set in the Black Garden, which is the birthplace of the Vex, so gear appropriately. Ultimately though, as veteran Destiny 2 raider and streamer Datto told us a while back, just wear your highest power level stuff.

That’s everything you need to know about the recommended power level requirement for Shadowkeep’s Garden of Salvation raid in Destiny 2. Best of luck getting there, and eventually tackling the new Shadowkeep raid if that’s one of your goals.

What is the recommended power level for the Garden of Salvation raid in Destiny 2?

940 Power Level

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