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Destiny 2: How to Complete Memory of Vell Tarlowe

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Destiny 2: How to Complete Memory of Vell Tarlowe

It seems that Eris Morn will have us cleansing memories of her fireteam members from week to week, and the latest reset has us acquainted with Vell Tarlow. Here’s how to complete the Memory of Vell Tarlowe mission in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Memory of Vell Tarlowe in Destiny 2

Whereas the first weekly mission from Eris, Memory of Sai Mota, was crucial in completing the Symphony of Death Exotic quest for the Deathbringer, Memory of Vell Tarlowe is a little less exciting if you’ve already gotten your Rocket Launcher.

To start, talk to Eris Morn on the Moon at Sanctuary to receive the quest. The quest steps are as follows:

  • Memory of Vell Tarlowe
  • Vell Tarlowe’s Torn Mark
  • Vell Tarlowe’s Reforged Mark

The first step simply requires you to complete the currently active replayable story mission on the Moon. Bring up your Director and check the Map tab, the replayable story mission will be available on the right side of the screen.

This shouldn’t be too difficult to complete, and your first quest step will be marked as done as soon as you beat the mission.

The second step requires you to obtain the Torn Mark, and this can be done by participating in Nightmare Hunts on the Adept difficulty. You can select any Nightmare Hunt from your map while on the Moon, and go in with a fireteam.

However, here comes the tricky part. You’ll need to use score melee final blows on powerful enemies (read: elites and majors with yellow health bars), and Nightmares will grant you more progress towards filling up the meter. As most players will be jockeying for melee progress for the same quest this week, this will likely take you a while.

Still, the best way to go about this quest step is by using Shotguns or SMGs against Nightmares to whittle down their health quickly before going in for a melee kill.

Once you’ve filled up the progress bar, go back to Eris Morn and give her the Reforged Mark. This will let you complete the quest, and don’t forget to claim your reward from the chest that she spawns.

It’s worth noting that while the Memory of Vell Tarlowe claims to reward Powerful Gear, some players (including us) have reported that the chest doesn’t always offer up anything beyond just a Phantasmal Core or some Glimmer. It’s possible that the quest might be bugged at the moment, causing the rewards not to show up properly.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

To sum up, here’s how to complete the Memory of Vell Tarlowe in Destiny 2:

  1. Talk to Eris Morn to accept the quest.

  2. Check your map while on the Moon and choose to replay the currently active story mission.

  3. Participate in any Adept level Nightmare Hunts, and get melee final blows on elite or major enemies.

  4. Return to Eris to claim your reward.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete the Memory of Vell Tarlowe in Destiny 2. Be sure to check our Shadowkeep guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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