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Concrete Genie: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

Concrete Genie, Is There a New Game Plus Mode? Answered

Concrete Genie: Is There New Game Plus? Answered

If you’re like most people who have finished Concrete Genie, you’re probably wondering: Is there a New Game Plus mode?

Fortunately, we’ve got the answer.

Is There a New Game Plus Mode in Concrete Genie? Answered

To skip right to the point, no, there is no New Game Plus Mode in Concrete Genie. Once you’ve finished the game, there’s no option to go back and play through the story with all of the abilities you’ve learned or collectibles you’ve tracked down.

Instead, the game allows you to explore its world as you see fit, collecting items you may have passed over initially and completing any challenges you may have missed.

Of course, all of this will be completely optional and won’t contribute to any major story revelations or reveals; save for discovering Luna’s secret by completing all of the necessary puzzles at the Lighthouse area.

Is There any Post-Game Content?

Of course, that isn’t to say that there isn’t a bit of post-game content in Concrete Genie for you to track down and unlock.

In addition to uncovering the aforementioned Luna’s Secret, you can also go back into past areas and track down every collectible. These range from pages to Ash’s Notebook to moments you can create between him and his Genies.

While a decent number of them can only be completed during the game’s story missions, the rest require designs and items you won’t have until after completing the game, making a post-game romp through the town of Deska a must for completionists.

Speaking of which: Completionists will discover that many of Concrete Genie’s Trophies require you to find moments and interactions hidden in plain sight. Like the collectibles, these can be easy to pass over, making some post-game exploration a must if you want to obtain every Trophy in the game.

Hopefully that cleared up whether Concrete Genie has a New Game Plus mode. For more info on the game, check out our review as well as one of the title’s most recent trailers.

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