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Borderlands 3 Wagon Wheel: How to Get, Stats & More


Borderlands 3 Wagon Wheel: How to Get, Stats & More

Borderlands 3’s legendary weapons are the best of the 1 billion or so available in the game, offering unique traits and abilities on top of the impressive base and elemental damage. Here we’re looking at the Wagon Wheel pistol and how to get it in Borderlands 3, while also providing an overview of its stats.

Wagon Wheel Stats

Shaped like a classic revolver, the Wagon Wheel’s best attribute is that, after hitting an enemy, the gun’s bullets ricochet in different directions, causing damage to anything they hit. It is, therefore, a good gun for dealing with groups of enemies, especially in close quarters.

  • Damage – 144
  • Accuracy – 61%
  • Handling – 68%
  • Reload Time – 1.6s
  • Fire Rate – 10.50/s
  • Magazine – 4


“Keep them doggies rollin'”

  • +33% weapon damage

How to Get the Wagon Wheel Pistol in Borderlands 3

The Wagon Wheel is one of three legendaries that can be obtained in exchange for Loot-o-Grams given to Crazy Earl, whose shop is located on Sanctuary.

Obviously, you’ll need to gather as many Loot-o-Grams as you can to maximize your chances of getting the Wagon Wheel.

The best strategy is to head to Skywell on Prometheus and farm the Dinklebot. He won’t always appear in the same spot, but more often than not he does. We’ve pictured it below (purple waypoint).

The Loot-o-Grams are a guaranteed drop. Once you’ve rinsed and repeated killing Dinklebot enough to fill your inventory, head over to Crazy Earl’s and hand over them over.

If you’re lucky, it won’t take long before the Wagon Wheel is in your hands.

And that’s all there to know about how to get the Wagon Wheel in Borderlands 3. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to head over to our extensive guide wiki page.

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