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Atelier Ryza: Where to Find Resonance Orb

Atelier Ryza

Atelier Ryza: Where to Find Resonance Orb

Following the main quest of Atelier Ryza will lead to The Abandoned Tower: 2 which tasks the player to create a Prosthetic Arm which requires a Resonance Orb. This guide will help you Find a Resonance Orb in Atelier Ryza.

Where to Find Resonance Orb in Atelier Ryza

The only note given by Lila is that the Gathering Synthesizer is required to find a Resonance Orb, and it should be the only item you require by this point to synthesize the prosthetic arm as the rest of the materials are quite common.

As you are at this point in the story, you have seen the tutorial for the Gathering Synthesizer. You only have to walk up and use it, and select a material to use to make the area, which means you are free to use a material you have in large quantity.

It appears that any level area will do, it seems there is only one resonance orb per new area, however. You will be looking for a purple bubbling cloud. The cloud spawns as soon as you enter the area, so nothing extra needs to be done. Once you have collected the resonance orb, you are free to exit.

If by chance you come across an area without it, return to the Atelier and select Use Recipe when synthesizing new area, and use code BZJI or 6J0Q for areas we at Twinfinite can guarantee it was found.

That is all you need to be know to Find the Resonance Orb in Atelier Ryza.

If you desire a shorter walkthrough:

  1. Use the Gathering Synthesizer to create any area.

  2. Locate the purple bubbling cloud and check it as you would any gathering spot.

  3. OPTIONAL: Use code BZJI or 6J0Q for a guaranteed area to collect it.

If you are looking for more help, search Twinfinite for Atelier Ryza guides.

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