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A Knight’s Quest Launches Next Week; Trailer Shows Zelda-Like Gameplay in Action

a knight's quest

A Knight’s Quest Launches Next Week; Trailer Shows Zelda-Like Gameplay in Action

A Knight’s Quest is launching next week, Oct. 10 on PS4 and PC (exclusively on the Epic Game Store), and comes to Xbox One a day later, a new release date trailer from Curve Digital announced. A gameplay montage reveals a charming open-world and a heroic quest that’s more than a little reminiscent of Zelda.

The game certainly has a similar story premise, and the third-person action/adventure gameplay features the sort of puzzle-solving, light platforming, and combat you’d say was inspired by the iconic series.

In the publisher’s own words:

“Rusty is a kind-hearted, but clumsy adventurer who accidentally starts a chain of events which threaten to destroy his world. A Knight’s Quest invites you to play as Rusty in his quest – controlling the elements, dodging perilous traps, and battling challenging enemies through the fantastical open world of Regalia.”

A press release sent to Twinfinite breaks down the game’s key features:

  • UNLOCK RUSTY’S POTENTIAL – Our hero begins his adventure with just a trusty sword and basic shield, but he’ll soon unlock ‘Spirit Powers’ – spectacular abilities which allow Rusty to, at the tap of a button, he can harness the powers of Fire, Ice and Time.
  • EXPLORE REGALIA – Rusty’s adventure will take him to the desert town of Zameris, high over the ice-laden Peaky Peaks and into the Cursed Swamp, among many others. Encountering a colourful cast of characters along the way.
  • ENEMIES ABOUND – From General Windpipe to The Watcher and many more besides, peril is never too far away.
  •  SHOW YOUR SKILL – Combat is fast and fluid, and platforming a dream, with Rusty’s repertoire of acrobatic moves effortless to pull off.  Playing the hero has never felt so rewarding.

You can check out the release date trailer for yourself below:

A Knight’s Quest is priced at $24.99.

The game might be just what the doctor ordered after finishing The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening if you’re looking for something similar. But if you’re still determined to keep play, read our feature about things to do once you’ve completed it.

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