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8 More PS5 Features That’d Make It an Insta-Buy


8 More PS5 Features That’d Make It an Insta-Buy

In a recent interview with Wired, Sony went over some small details concerning their next PlayStation console, the PS5. We learned some neat details about the next controller, the launch window, and several other tidbits of information, but there are still some much-wanted features that have not been brought up yet that we would love to see come to the PS5.

Better Battery Life and More Controller Options

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Let’s be real. The DualShock 4 is just an OK controller.

Sony changed up the game by adding a unique touchpad to the front, a speaker, and a glowing light that can change in color, but the battery life for this controller is terrible and since there is no option to shut off the light completely, it drains the life from this thing quicker than you can say “let’s play a game.”

The next controller for the PS5 sounds really cool in design when you talk about the haptic feedback and the sensitive triggers, but what does that mean for the battery life of this thing?

And if the controller has that blue light bar again, Sony needs to give us the option to turn it off completely to save the life of the potential DualShock 5.

Honestly, it can get very tiring to have to constantly charge the DualShock 4 after short gameplay sessions so let’s hope that there is a feature for the PS5 that allows for longer sessions and less charging time –hopefully, USB-C can help with that.

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