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4 Reasons Why You Should Play The Outer Worlds


4 Reasons Why You Should Play The Outer Worlds

It’s the Fallout Game Fans Want

It’s no secret that the Fallout series has been languishing for a while now, especially with Fallout 76‘s disastrous launch and its slow pace in picking things back up and rolling out better content. With The Outer Worlds, it almost feels as if Obsidian is giving fans exactly what they’ve been asking for: a narrative-driven RPG that has a great, lived in world and believable characters.

The Outer Worlds is essentially a Fallout game, but set in space, and you’ll hear no complaints from us on that front.

It’s got all of the Fallout-isms you could possibly want, including conversations with NPCs that are essentially just talking heads with a static camera, and the ability to talk your way out of combat and handle various situations differently.

It feels very classic Fallout in the best way possible, and that’s definitely a big reason why you shouldn’t sleep on this game.

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