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Wattam Coming To PS4 This December


Wattam Coming To PS4 This December

During Sony’s latest State of Play Presentation, Annapurna Interactive and Funomena revealed that Wattam will be arriving sometime this December.

The new trailer showed more snippets of the wacky and gleeful gameplay that players have come to know from the Katamari creator Keita Takahashi.

Players can experience this new world in solo or co-op, as they help the lead character, Mayor, “rediscover the joys of friendship, restore his lost memories, and reconnect with the world itself.”

Wattam was initially revealed at the Playstation Experience in 2014, quickly making players eager to experience the next masterwork of Keita Takahashi, who describes Wattam as, “a game [that] makes people notice how our ordinary life is great.”

“Go Ahead, Goof Around” prompt’s the game’s website, going on to describe the game as ” the ultimate goof-around simulation. See what kinds of silly things happen when you push the limits of the game’s physics and animations to create crazy and comical results.”

Wattam’s world is populated with over 100 unique citizens, with whom you can work to solve puzzles, create colorful explosions, and explore the game’s whimsical, imaginative sandbox.

These inhabitants include, but are not limited to: trees, flowers, rocks, rocks, and poop. Yes, poop. All of which you can hold hands, climb stack, float, and play with to uncover the secrets of Wattam’s wacky world.

On top of all that, each character has their own unique melody, which can be chained together to create whimsical mashups.

All of this comes as no surprise to those familiar with the surreal yet heartwarming work of Takahashi. Games like Kamatari and Noby Noby Boy often feature similarly odd elements, that coalesce to form charming, profound, and above all, sincere works of art.

See the full gameplay trailer for Wattam below. Wattam will be available on PC and PS4 in December.

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