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Surge 2: How to Change/Reset Module Points

The Surge 2, How to Change/Reset Module Points

Surge 2: How to Change/Reset Module Points

The Surge 2 offers a variety of ways to modify and customize your character, not least of which being how you allocate your Module Points. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to reset module points.

How to Change and Reset Module Points in The Surge 2

Acting as a means of upgrading your health, stamina or battery efficiency, Module Points are earned from each level-up you achieve as you play through The Surge 2. How you choose to allocate them impacts how you play and which enemies can give you trouble, making it all the more important that you allocate them properly.

Fortunately, how you allocate your points isn’t set in stone.

Should you wish to reset your stats, you can do so from the Medbay at any time. This can be useful for adjusting your build to better suit a boss that’s giving you trouble, mix up your play-style or otherwise correct a small mistake you may have made during your last level-up.

Should You Change or Reset Your Module Points?

As for those wondering whether or not you should change your module points in The Surge 2, the answer is a definitive yes.

Being that you can change your Module Points at any time, there’s little to no reason not to give it a shot.

Doing so can make difficult sections of the game more bearable, and while your pride may take a hit by accepting that you screwed up your build at first, it’ll rebound as soon as you find the right build to turn a difficult boss into red mist.

Hopefully this cleared up how to change or reset module points in The Surge 2. For more on the game, check out its sci-fi and gore-filled launch trailer, as well as our feature on why The Surge 2 should be on every Bloodborne fan’s radar. We’ve also listed some other guides on the game down below.

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