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Surge 2: How to Jump

The Surge 2, How to Jump

Surge 2: How to Jump

The Surge 2 allows you to execute a range of actions with your character, but some are trickier to pull off than others. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to jump in Surge 2.

How to Jump in The Surge 2

As with the first game, The Surge 2 doesn’t have a dedicated jump button. Instead, you have the ability to make small leaps by sprinting – done by holding down the X button if you’re on PS4 (A on Xbox One) – and then pressing the L3 button.

The jump will only trigger if you press L3 while running at full speed, so be sure to give yourself some room to build up momentum before attempting a leap.

This is similar to the small leap you can make in Dark Souls, Bloodborne and other Souls-like games, and is used in many of the same scenarios as these titles.

If there’s an item located across a small gap, you can reach it by executing this running leap and timing it so that you land on the other side safely.

Are There Any Other Ways to Jump in the Game?

As for whether there are other forms of jumping in the game, the answer is no.

Like with Dark Souls or Bloodborne, The Surge 2 is designed to have your character on the ground at almost all times. They don’t jump around during combat, and they can’t hop up to grab ledges or maneuver their way around the environment.

While this may seem limiting, it’s intended to provide a sense of challenge to the game that would otherwise be lost with a jump mechanic.

Where you might otherwise be able to circumvent a fight by jumping around an area, the game’s jump-less design forces you to confront fights head-on, strategizing and maneuvering around each section of the map appropriately.

That should cover everything there is to know about how to jump in The Surge 2. For more on the game, check out our full review to see where it was a step up from the original and where it still needed fine-tuning.

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