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Surge 2: How to Beat the Final Boss (Transhuman)

Final Boss

Surge 2: How to Beat the Final Boss (Transhuman)

The Surge returns with a brand-new sequel that ups the ante in a lot of ways. Fan’s of the original souls-like game will find plenty to do in this game. Here’s how to beat the final boss (Transhuman) in The Surge 2.

How to Beat the Final Boss in Surge 2

So your tactic for this fight will depend entirely on your playstyle throughout your time with The Surge 2.

If you prefer heavy weapons, then your focus will be mainly on directional parries, while if you favor light weapons, it will be more of a hit and run strategy.

It’s also important to note that having both a high general defense as well as a high nano defense will increase your survivability in this fight tremendously.

So first things first, this fight will be centered around damaging the boss’s arm attachments which it will regularly buff up. Hitting each arm will deal damage to it thus rendering the buff useless for a short time.

This is key to making sure the boss can’t deal large stacks of damage against you and will make managing this fight a lot easier.

If you’re fighting with light weapons, your best bet is to evade his swirling sword attack last-second and then go in for 2/3 hits before creating some distance.

Playing it safe is the best way to apply consistent damage while surviving. The boss will also charge its weapon while in a vertical stance and hurl nanite rocks at you. If the left arm is buffed, the number of rocks will increase.

So again, be sure to try and give those arm attachments disabled. Evading those rocks at the last second create a good opening for you also to get off 2/3 more hits.

So rinse and repeat that pattern to chip away at the boss’ health.

If you’re using heavy weapons and focusing on directional parries, the best time for that moment is when the boss charges you from the sky and does a 4-hit combo. You can parry all of these attacks.

The boss is weak to poison and fire and is immune to nanites. So make sure you loadout accommodates this to give yourself the best fighting chance.

Here’s a quick recap for the final boss fight

  1. Pick Light or Heavy

    Both playstyles are viable for this fight so go with your preferred.

  2. Destroy Arm Attachments

    Destroy the arm attachments to prevent the boss from buffing up its attacks.

  3. Dodge Attacks to Gain Opening

    Dodge both the swirling sword attacks and nanite rock attacks and capitalize on the opening provided.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to beat the final boss (Transhuman) in The Surge 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Twinfinite.

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