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Surge 2: Where to Find the EMP-44 Starfish


Surge 2: Where to Find the EMP-44 Starfish

The Surge 2 is a labyrinthine game in which you will need certain items to reach some areas, in a Metroidvania fashion. One such item is the EMP-44 Starfish. Here is where to find the EMP-44 Starfish in The Surge 2.

The EMP-44 Starfish will allow you to unlock those pesky sealed doors you may have noticed in your initial journeys during the opening hours of the game.

With it in hand, you will be accessing them, and they will usually contain a rare implant, weapon, or upgrade material, all of which will be indispensable to you.

Where to Find the EMP-44 Starfish in Surge 2

First, make your way through Downtown Jericho City. The game itself pushes you in this direction, towards the tall, purple, octopus-themed Seaside Court.

Successfully make your way inside, and talk to the NPC’s in the area. There are a surprising amount of quests to pick up, so you may as well work on them while you are in the next location.

Port Nixon is a fairly significant step up from Downtown Jericho City in terms of difficulty. Make sure to have a weapon you are comfortable with upgraded as much as possible, and the same goes for your armor.

This place is large, and it is likely you will spend a fair bit of time making your way through. Eventually, you will make your way to a large warhouse-like facility known as Terminal Z.

Inside, you will face Little Johnny, who is the first significant boss encounter in The Surge 2. He is pretty tough, so make sure you’re upgrading your Exo suit as often as possible. For more info on how to take down Johnny, read our in-depth guide.

Once he is defeated, you will automatically be awarded the EMP44-Starfish, and you will now be able to access a lot of the previously inaccessible areas.

That’s everything you need to know in order to find the EMP-44 Starfish in The Surge 2. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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