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New Link’s Awakening Trailer Highlights the Adorable Sun-Drenched Story

Link's Awakening New Trailer

New Link’s Awakening Trailer Highlights the Adorable Sun-Drenched Story

Just when you think Link’s Awakening can’t get any more charming, Nintendo drops a new trailer.

Shared on Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel, a new short-and-sweet 30 second trailer shows off little Link’s adventure.

Check out the trailer:

The new Link’s Awakening trailer shows off a bundle of characters from Koholint Island in its short run time, each more lovable than the last.

To top it all off, the trailer features an English rendition of The Ballad of the Wind Fish, previously only sung in Japanese.

If you aren’t pulled in by the designable Chamber Dungeons or the ability to have pet chain-chomps, maybe you’ll be swayed by the image of Link and Marin sharing a tropical view together on the beach.

The game has been charming Zelda fans with its chibi art style since its announcement in a Nintendo Direct in February this year, so thankfully, you won’t have to wait too long before you get experience the story of Link’s Awakening for yourself. The game releases this week, on September 20.

For more on Link’s Awakening, stay tuned for our scored review of the game. Until then, check out the game’s preload times, or take our Link’s Awakening quiz to see if you actually remember what happens in the game.

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