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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: What the Hot Springs Do

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, What Hot Springs Do

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: What the Hot Springs Do

If you’ve been wondering what the hot springs do in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, rest assured that you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here to clear things up with a guide.

What the Hot Springs Do in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Found in the Hoarfrost Reach and other icy locales, hot springs provide a respite from the cold for wayward hunters. Resting in them allows you to gradually regenerate your health for a limited time, while also boosting your resistance to cold without the use of a hot drink item.

Using them properly can be a bit tricky though. To acquire the full effects of a spring, you’ll need to crouch down in its waters for a few seconds without moving.

Moving or standing in the water will prevent the boost from being applied, and will require you to try to prompt the effect again.

Luckily, these steamy oases can be used as much as you wish, so if it doesn’t prompt on the first try, give it another go and make sure you gain its full effects.

When to Use Hot Springs

As for when the best time to use these springs is, it depends on where you’re at in any given hunt.

If you just started a hunt and happen upon a hot spring, it’s worth it to gain the spring’s cold resistance effects and save your hot drink items for later.

Meanwhile, if you’re near the end of a hunt and have run out of hot drinks, it’s well worth it to use a spring so long as it’s nearby. This can keep your stats from being impacted by the environment, and potentially ruining a hunt you’re on the cusp of completing.

That should cover everything there is to know about what hot springs do in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. For more tips, tricks and secrets tied to the game’s latest expansion, check out our Monster Hunter World guide wiki.

Also, here are a few guides to get you started:

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