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Greedfall: How to Use Magic


Greedfall: How to Use Magic

Greedfall is the latest RPG from Spiders and it’s packed with features like dialogue options and skill trees just as you’d expect. It’s also chock full of spells and weaponry too. Here’s how to use magic in Greedfall.

How to Cast Spells Using Magic in Greedfall

There are three types of combat in Greedfall: magic, traps and control and weapons. Each of these types of combat can be mixed and matched based on what skills you unlock in the game’s skill tree.

Traps and control is what you’d expect just as you would with weaponry. A sword works like a sword. A gun works like a gun. Traps allow you to control the battlefield by trapping enemies so you can do what you want to them.

With the use of all that, you of course have spells at your disposal and here’s how to use them.

You need to have the Divine Magic Ring skill unlocked. This is automatic if you choose to be a Magic class character from the start. You will need to use two skill points otherwise.

Those of this class get a starter ring automatically, but other classes can find rings around the world. They can also be purchased from merchants.

Magic classes can obtain better ones in the same way: finding them or buying them.

When you find or buy a new ring, simply equip it in the equipment menu to use it.

How to Use Magic in Greedfall

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use it in Greedfall.

  1. To use it, need to be a Magic class.

    As the magic class, you’ll have access to a ring from the start that allows you to use magic.

  2. If you aren’t the right class, you need two skill points.

    These two skill points will be used to unlock the Divine Magic Ring skill.

  3. With a ring equipped, you can use spells.

That’s it for our guide on how to use magic in Greedfall.

For more information about Greedfall, be sure to search for whatever you’re looking for on Twinfinite. There, we have news, reviews, guides and more. Here are some other guides to get you started:

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