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Greedfall: How to Change Difficulty


Greedfall: How to Change Difficulty

Greedfall is finally out and it’s Spiders’ most sprawling RPG yet. It’s expansive and mysterious and perhaps for some, challenging. If it becomes too challenging, you might be looking to make the journey easier somehow. Here’s how to change difficulty in Greedfall.

How to Lower the Difficulty in Greedfall

Greedfall is a game set on a foreign island where you must manage the relationships between multiple factions while uncovering a mystery that spans across the island. As you do so, you’ll come across all sorts of enemies.

Sometimes those enemies will be native animals, other times mythical beast and when you’re not fighting those, you might be fighting humans.

If those fights ever get too tough, you can lower the difficulty in just a few button presses.

First, open up the menu by pausing the game. Then go to the Options menu. In here, select Game and then you should see numerous difficulty levels.

There’s easy, normal, hard and extreme. Change the difficulty to what you fancy and the game will automatically adjust to your selection.

It’s important to note that if you’re after achievements and trophies, there is a trophy that you can unlock by completing the game on Extreme. If you lower the difficulty during the game, you won’t be able to get this trophy.

One more thing to note is that difficulty only affects combat.

How to Change Difficulty in Greedfall

Here’s a step by step breakdown of how to change difficulty in Greedfall.

  1. Go to the pause menu.

  2. Select Options.

  3. Select Game.

    In this menu, select either the easy, normal, hard or extreme difficulty.

That’s it for our guide on how to change difficulty in Greedfall.

For more information about Greedfall, be sure to search for whatever you’re looking for on Twinfinite. There, we have news, reviews, guides and more. Here are some other guides to get you started:

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