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Greedfall: How to Get Legendary Armor & All Legendary Weapons

GreedFall, legendary

Greedfall: How to Get Legendary Armor & All Legendary Weapons

Greedfall, the new action RPG from Spiders, is out now and you’ll be jumping into Teer Fradee to complete the complex quests and find all of the best gear. Some of the best gear takes a little more hunting to find. So that you can improve your loadout, here’s everything you need to know about how to get legendary armor and weapons in Greedfall.

Legendary armor and weapons are what you’d expect, very powerful gear that’ll help you massively in combat. Of course, you will struggle to get it early on in the game, but you should look for everything as soon as possible.

Where to Get Legendary Armor & Weapons in Greedfall

First off, legendary armor isn’t the hardest to get your hands on. Throughout your time with the game, you’ll fight a few different enemies. While the towering guardian creatures are usually the toughest, it’s the human enemies that tend to drop legendary armor.

We don’t want to spoil who you need to kill to get some of the armor – there’s quite a few anyway – but make your way through the main quests as you would and you’ll come across them naturally.

However, the legendary weapons are a little tricker to get your hands on. There’s only six in the game, and each has a specific location. Some of them you’ll stumble across as you play the main quests, while others require you to beat specific bosses or explore a little.

GreedFall, legendary

Below we’ll list the legendary weapons in Greedfall and where you need to go to find them. We’re not sure exactly how many there are in the game, so we’ll be updating this list as we find more.

  1. Yataghan – One-handed Weapon

    Found in Glendgnamvar – The Shore of the Tall Bones and is protected by a Guardian. I managed to sneak past the boss to grab the weapon, but it took a few tries. You could just fight him if you’re levelled up enough. You’ll come across the boss during the Ancient Secret main missions, while you’re in the Ruins themselves.

  2. Great Scythe

    Found when chasing the natives leader through Root’s Passage. When you get to a bridge that you need Vigor level two to to jump over, you can go around instead. If you take a look down all these paths, you’ll stumble across it by an alter. This legendary weapon is the best in the game and can only be found during the Quest for a Panacea quest.

  3. Broadsword of The Deceased King

    The reward for completing the side quest called Champion of the Arena in Greedfall.

  4. Light Flamberge Legendary Weapon

    Found in the Wenshaganaw Singing Waters. There’s an area in which you come across a load of enemies with skull helmets on. Clear the enemies out and grab the weapon.

  5. Scimitar Legendary Sword

    Found in Glendgnamvar the Shore of The Tall Bones. Over a broken wooden bridge there’s a locked chest. You need the key that you can loot from the corpse under the bridge.

  6. Hammer of The Forgotten God

    Get a Nice relationship status with the Coins Guards and you’ll be given it as a reward in your box in your Accommodation. Can be done pretty early in the game.

  7. Great Honor Duel Flamberge

    Found in Magasvar – The Valley Of The Great Battle. First defeat a Guardian nearby and loot a ket for a Coin Guard’s corpse nearby. Then, head to an observation tower by a nearby camp, where you’ll find a chest you can open.

  8. Asili’s Blunderbuss

    Head to Asili’s laboratory in his office while completing the Doctor Asili’s Experiments quest.

  9. Ring of Divine Fury

    Got automatically after you defeat the Guardian that the Harh Cadachtas summons in the ‘In Pursuit of the Tierna Harh Cadachtas’ Quest.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get legendary armor and weapons in Greedfall. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We have also listed some other helpful guides on the game down below.

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