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Gears 5 Relic Weapon Locations: How to Get All Relic Weapons

how to get all relic weapons in gears 5

Gears 5 Relic Weapon Locations: How to Get All Relic Weapons

As you’re playing through Gears 5’s campaign, you may have come across Relic Weapons that are scattered and hidden throughout the world. These are special weapons that come with some handy buffs to their original counterparts. Here’s how to get all Relic Weapons in Gears 5 and how to upgrade them.

How to Get All Relic Weapons in Gears 5

At this moment in time, we’ve managed to find a total of four Relic Weapons in Gears 5, but we’ll be updating this post as we uncover more as we continue to search the valley and desert. You can check them all out below, including location directions down below:

Gears 5 Relic Weapons Locations

  1. Dropshot Relic

    When you’re looking for the location of the transmission signal source in Act 2’s ‘The Source of It All,’ look for a pile of ice nearby. You’ll see a red gear omen on it, and just to the left, you’ll find a gap. Head through the gap and round the corner on the floor you’ll find the Dropshot Relic in Gears 5.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: The Dropshot Relic freezes enemies with a cryo blast, rather than exploring like the standard weapon.

    Gears 5 relic weapons

  2. Boomshot Relic

    This can be found outside the North Tower substation in The Valley (Act 2). When you head to the tower, the substation is right in front of you. Just to the right, you’ll spot two generator-looking machines. Head between them and look to your right to see the Boomshot Relic propped up.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: The Boomshot Relic can fire three rounds before reloading.

  3. Longshot Relic

    The Longshot Relic can be found in the old wooden shacks near to the first Missing Outsiders mission in the valley (the Outsider Camp). This can be found just outside New Hope.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: The Longshot Relic can earn additional shots before having to reload from successful active reloads.

  4. Torque Bow Relic

    Head to the Abandoned Mine in the very south of the Valley (Act 2), southwest of the east comm tower marker. Rather than heading up the main path, look to your right for a dirt track heading up by a load of tree stumps. This Relic weapon is propped up against a wooden support here.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: The Torque Bow Relic is capable of quickly firing deadly, non-explosive bolts.

  5. Enforcer Relic

    At the first locked gate on your way to The Valley open-world area, look out for cliffs and stop here. Look left towards some trees to find the crimson omen marker here. The Enforcer is right by it.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Lower rate-of-fire, but increased damage with each shot.

  6. Retro Lancer Relic

    Head northeast from the Old COG Wall marker in The Valley, and look for some brown cliffs by some trees and a frozen lake. You’ll spot the omen up on the side of these brown cliffs. To the right of this as you’re looking at it, you’ll find a single tree standing on its own. The Retro Lancer Relic is tucked away behind it.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Fires explosive rounds that air-burst to hit nearby targets.

  7. Boltok Relic

    Northeast of the Condor Crash site by the North Comm Tower in The Valley, you’ll come across a large frozen lake. Just up on the cliff here, you’ll spot another crimson omen. Follow the wall round to find the Boltok Relic.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Faster handling, and is easier to fire from the hip.

  8. Gnasher Relic

    Head directly north from the Cosmonaut Training Facility in Act 3 Chapter 3 and right up to the cliffs that make up the northern-edge of this open world area. Here, you should spot a crimson omen. Head right of this and keep running up the cliff to find the Gnasher Relic.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Fires a single devastating slug.

  9. Talon Relic

    Right by the abandoned airport in Act 3, head south and look for one of the hangar buildings with an omen on its front. The Talon Relic is just on the right-hand side of the building as you’re looking at it.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Hit an active reload for greatly increased damage and a more controllable fire rate.

  10. Claw Relic

    Head a little bit east in the desert from the Gnasher Relic’s location until you spot a large white and turquoise-colored silo with an omen on it. Run over the turquoise section on the floor and drop down into the bush. The Claw Relic is in the bush.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Hit your active reload to activate a higher rate-of-fire with this large-bore Claw variant.

  11. Snub Relic

    Head southeast of the Rocket Hangar until you reach a large building that’s kinda white and a gold/green color. Just by the cliff, on the wall, you’ll spot a crimson omen, with the Snub Relic directly underneath it on the ground.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Fires a precise two-shot burst.

  12. Lancer GL Relic

    Directly west of Cosmonaut Training Facility and southwest of the Water Tower, you’ll spot a bunch of really tall towers. Next to them, you’ll spot a patch of grey stone floor with an omen on it. Run to the tower with the plants growing by it closes to this omen to find the Lancer GL Relic.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Alt-fire launcher fires straight, and burst in the air when it detects a nearby target.

  13. Hammerburst Relic

    Head east from the City Ruins in the desert open world area in Gears 5 and look for a building with metal railings and a large white wall. Head through the gap in the railings and turn right. You’ll find the Hammerburst Relic in some crates by a corpse.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Each trigger-pull with this Hammerburst fires a longer burst than the last.

  14. Markza Relic

    Head to the pump station in the desert and look out for a bunch of rusted cars. The first one on your left if coming from the pump station should have the omen by it and the Markza Relic in the trunk.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Fires full-auto when the trigger is held.

  15. Overkill Relic

    Head slightly north from the Bridge Control House in the southeast area of the desert, on your way down to the turning platform. You’ll spot an oddly-shaped rock on its own with an omen on it. The Overkill Relic is just around the other side of the rock from the omen.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Fires full-auto when the trigger is held.

  16. Lancer Relic

    Just south of the Bridge Control, you’ll find the Train Bridge itself. To the east of here, you’ll find the Cargo Shipwreck off the beaten path. Head here and then go around the south side of the ship. Right by the wall, you’ll find a way to hop up onto the ship between some metal. The Lancer Relic is propped up against this ship wall.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Press B to stun your enemy with a rifle-butt to the face. Set them up for an execution or Chainsaw kill.

  17. Embar Relic

    Head west from the Train Turntable to find a Fallen Condor Site. Right by the debris here, you’ll find the Embar Relic on top of some boxes.

    What This Relic Weapon Does: Slow to charge, but its high caliber electro-magnetic slug deals extreme damage.

Can You Upgrade Relic Weapons in Gears 5?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to further upgrade relic weapons in Gears 5. Once you’ve found them in all their ancient glory, that’s them done for good. They’re incredibly powerful anyway, so chances are they’ll be more than an upgrade over your original gear anyway.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get all Relic Weapons in Gears 5. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out our guide wiki.

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