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Fortnite Telescope Locations: Where to Dance at Different Telescopes (Storm Chasers Mission)

Fortnite telescope locations

Fortnite Telescope Locations: Where to Dance at Different Telescopes (Storm Chasers Mission)

Fortnite’s Storm Chasers Mission has just arrived in the Battle Royale mode, giving players another bunch of tasks that’ll reward them with Battle Stars, XP, and more. One mission tasks players to “Dance at Different Telescopes.” Here’s where to find all Fortnite telescope locations in Season X.

Fortnite Telescope Locations in Season X

Fortnite Telescope Locations
Where to Dance at Telescopes in Fortnite Season X

For this mission, you’ll need to visit three different telescopes across the map. On the map above, we’ve marked where you can find three of them to complete it. We’ve also included a written description below to help you pinpoint the location.

  1. West of Moisty Palms

    Head to the very southern point of the green area of Moisty Palms on the map and start going west. At the top of the mountain right ahead of you, you’ll find one of the Fortnite telescope locations.

  2. East of Shifty Shafts

    Go directly east from this named location to find another hill to climb up. You’ll find a telescope here overlooking the corpse of the monster from the fight at the end of Season 9.

  3. Southwest of Dusty Depot

    Land at Dusty Depot and look southwest to spot yet another mountain. Climb up to the top of it and you’ll find another Fortnite telescope looking down towards the returning named location.

Tips for Completing Fortnite Dance at Telescopes Mission

  • You don’t have to dance at all three locations in a single match for the first part of the Storm Chasers Mission, so take your time with this.
  • You can dance by pressing down on the d-pad on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, or B on PC, and selecting the dance that you want to use.
  • For the Prestige version, you’ll need to dance at two different Fortnite telescopes in a single match. We’d suggest going for 2 and 3 from our list above in whichever order you choose, as these are the closest together.

That’s everything you need to know on Fortnite telescope locations for the where to dance Storm Chasers Mission. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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