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Destiny 2 Exotic Found to be Super Broken; Bungie to Disable it for Upcoming Raid

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Destiny 2 Exotic Found to be Super Broken; Bungie to Disable it for Upcoming Raid

Destiny 2 is no stranger to broken guns that eventually get nerfed but the timing for this Jotuun glitch couldn’t be any worse for Bungie.

Just a couple of weeks away from the release of Destiny 2’s next expansion, Shadowkeep, and the new raid, Garden of Salvation, a major bug that effects the exotic fusion rifle, Jotuun, has been discovered.

For those not familiar, Jotuun is long-ranged rifle that shoots a powerful homing blast of energy. The bug is if you shoot a Jotuun close enough to an enemy that the damage splashes back onto you, the damage is multiplied. Normally you would want to be far away when you use Jotuun, so this might explain why it has taken a while for this bug to be unearthed.

According to Forbes’ Paul Tassi, on console the damage appears to be about 2x but on PC it skyrockets to about 7x or 8x. Obviously super broken as that damage is way higher than anything else in the game.

What’s particularly funny is that Jotuun, ever before this bug was discovered, is a gun that many feel is deserving of a nerf especially in PvP. Now though it’s literally breaking the game.

It’s on Bungie’s radar though fortunately. It doesn’t appear that Jotuun will have a hotfix in time for Garden Salvation, so what they are doing instead is disabling the weapon during the launch of Garden of Salvation so groups chasing for World First, a big deal in the Destiny community, can’t abuse it.

It’s kind of a messy fix since it is pulling a weapon that could have been useful out of the pool of choices for raiders, but it’s certainly better than doing nothing.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will release on Oct. 1 with the Garden of Salvation release to follow shortly after for Season of Undying owners on Oct. 5.

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