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Code Vein: How to Get Io as a Partner

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Code Vein: How to Get Io as a Partner

Code Vein has you facing down the hordes of the Lost, mutated humans that roam the land searching for blood. Luckily, you won’t have to go through the horror alone, as the game lets you bring a partner NPC along for the ride at all times. There are multiple partners throughout the game, and if you’re playing through Code Vein you might be wondering how you can get Io to come along with you. Here’s how to get Io as a partner in Code Vein.

How to Get Io as a Partner in Code Vein

Io is the very first character you meet in Code Vein, and she’s a constant throughout the game’s story. However, you’ll notice that she just stays at Home Base and you can’t take her out into the field.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to progress quite a bit through the story in order to get her as a partner. You’ll need to reach the fifth area of the game, Cathedral of Sacred Blood, after you meet Mia and get her as a partner.

This area is significantly longer than the others, but play all the way through and beat the Successor of the Ribcage boss, which we have a guide to help with.

After that watch the story scenes and then head back to Home Base, and talk to Io. She’ll tell you about a new Vestige that belonged to Leda, so dive into the memory and play through it.

After you complete that Io will become a selectable partner, and she can be pretty handy. She’s very much focused on support, buffing you and letting you take point, unlike Yakumo or Louis.

As a final tip, make sure to talk to Io again as she’ll give you access to her Eos Blood Code, unlocking even more options and Gifts to use.

To Summarize,

  1. To get Io as a partner you need to get to the Cathedral of Sacred Blood area.

  2. Play through this area and beat the Successor of the Ribcage boss, then watch the story scenes.

  3. Head back to Home Base, talk to Io, and play through the new Eos Vestige. Now she’ll be a selectable partner.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Io as a partner in Code Vein.

For even more tips, tricks, and guides on Code Vein, make sure to search Twinfinite. You can also check out a few other helpful ones down below.

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