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Code Vein: How to Upgrade Regeneration & What It Does

code vein regeneration

Code Vein: How to Upgrade Regeneration & What It Does

Regeneration is what you’ll be using to heal yourself up whenever you find yourself in a bit of a dire situation in Code Vein. Its cel-shaded, Soulsborne-inspired world is teeming with enemies just waiting to drain your health bar. Here’s how to upgrade Regeneration in Code Vein so you’re prepared for the tough fights ahead.

Code Vein Regeneration

For those who aren’t aware, Regeneration is essentially Code Vein’s healing system. Players will have three Regeneration ‘vials’ at the beginning of the game which they can use at any time to heal their health.

When depleted, these can be refilled by resting at a Mistle (think Dark Souls’ campfires). Problem is, you’re probably wondering how to upgrade Regeneration in Code Vein for those tough boss battles.

How to Upgrade Regeneration in Code Vein

To increase the amount of Regeneration you have, you’ll need to find Regen Extension Factor. This item can be found by mainly exploring the world, and all the ones we’ve found while doing so have been near White Blood Spring Trees.

Regen Extension Factors can also be dropped occasionally from a beaten boss, and some NPCs will hand you one if you talk to them, so it’s well worth your time being friendly and speaking with anyone you come across.

It’s worth noting that you do have to actually use the Regen Extension Factor item whenever you get one to upgrade Regeneration. This can be done by opening up your menu with the Options button on PS4 / Menu button on Xbox One, going to the Inventory at the top, and then selecting it.

Increasing Regeneration Healing Amount

Alongside simply getting yourself more Regeneration in Code Vein, you can also upgrade it to increase the amount of healing it does every time you use it. This is done by finding the Regen Enhancement Factor item that permanently boosts the amount each heal does.

From our experience, this item was found the exact same way as the Extension Factor we mentioned earlier. Simply keep looking around and exploring the world, interacting with NPCs, and beating bosses and you’ll begin to accrue these slowly but surely enough.

That’s everything you need to know on how to upgrade Regeneration in Code Vein. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Code Vein guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our guides below.

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