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Destiny 2: Best Swords for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2019)

best swords, destiny 2

Destiny 2: Best Swords for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2019)

Swords are one of the least populated and popular weapon types in Destiny 2 at the moment. Mostly because there isn’t a ton of archetype diversity between the best swords in PvE, PvP & Gambit right now in Destiny 2.

In situations where you can actually safely use a sword, their damage can be decent, and the changes to reload may give it an additional bump in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

In either event, as of now at least, let’s go over the best swords for PvE, PvP and Gambit in Destiny 2.

Best Destiny 2 Swords

Best for PvE: Whirlwind Blade Legendaries, Throne Cleaver & Black Talon (Titan Only),

best swords, destiny 2

While there are a few sword archetypes of course in Destiny 2, arguably what’s more important than the frame type are the perks on it.

Right now, and definitely as we move into the Shadowkeep meta, legendary swords that have the Whirlwind Blade perk are among the best that you can choose.

You can pick based on your preference, but if you’re looking for a recommendation, Steel Sybil Z-14 has some great perk combinations with the well-rounded Adaptive Frame.

Another that you can go for is Stryker’s Sure-Hand, which is also a bit more easily attainable as you can grind rolls via the the Black Armory forges.

While legendary swords reign supreme since you can still use your exotic slot for something else that’s more versatile/powerful, it’s at least worth mentioning the Worldline Zero. If you’re purely trying to run through trash enemies at breakneck speed, you can thrash tightly packed groups of enemies with the AoE Tesseract perk attack.

Finally these last few tips is for Titans only. The Titan sword, Crown-Splitter, is an extremely powerful sword with the perk Counter Attack which boosts your damage after defending an attack. This can be paired with Stronghold which allows you to defend without burning ammo to take full advantage of this powerful sword perk.

Also, Black Talon with its catalyst introduced in Season of Dawn also features a big bonus to the damage of the Crow’s Wings attack after blocking. Once again, pair this with Stronghold for some very fun sword action.

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