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World of Warcraft Classic: How to Fish


World of Warcraft Classic: How to Fish

Vanilla World of Warcraft is back in an official capacity with the launch of Classic, which means we’re off on another nostalgia-fueled fantasy adventure –battling, spellcasting, farming, and fishing our way across Azeroth. But if you’re a little rusty on that last one or you’re a newcomer, here’s how to Fish in WoW Classic.

Fishing is a secondary profession that any race or class can partake in, but it’s one that takes plenty of patience to master.

Unlike other professions and skills in WoW, you’ll need to dedicate time to fishing –it obviously can’t be leveled while you’re out and about across the map.

Fishing is a great source of food for hunters, is used in alchemy, can improve your cooking skills, can produce lockboxes that improve lockpicking.

Note that Alliance offers low-level fishing quests that help improve your skills quickly, whereas Horde fishing quests are much more challenging and won’t be doable until you’ve put in the time to upskill under your own steam.

How to Fish in World of Warcraft Classic

First things first, you’ll need to find a trainer and actually learn the skill. This can be done by talking to one of the fishing trainers who are typically found near a large body of water suitable for fishing –lakes, rivers, streams, etc.

Once that’s done, you’ll need a fishing pole, which can be purchased from trade merchants (costs less than a silver).

Now it’s time to find a body of water. When you’re starting out, stick to low-level areas, as these yield the best results for fishing newbies.

Once your fishing skill hit level 20, you’ll be able to reliably catch fish in these low-level areas. You’ll want double, triple, and quadruple that number for secondary, thousand needles, and Fethermoon Stronghold areas.

To Start Fishing

  1. Access your inventory and equip the fishing pole (it will require that both your hands are empty).

  2. Now open your spellbook (P) and locate the fishing icon, then drag it to a slot on your action bar. Use this new hotkey to cast.

  3. You’ll then see a bob appear in the water in front of you — move your cursor over the bobber and wait for it to splash. When it does, click as quickly as possible.

If nothing happens then recast your rod. If you keep losing your catch then you’re fishing an area too high for your level.

When you catch an item it will appear as a standard chest. Recast to repeat the action.

Hopefully, this guide gives you a solid foundation on how to fish in World of Warcraft. For more useful tips and guides, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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