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Wipeout Omega Collection: How to Barrel Roll

wipeout omega collection, barrel roll

Wipeout Omega Collection: How to Barrel Roll

Wipeout Omega Collection is now available as one of the free games for PlayStation Plus members in August 2019, so a lot of newcomers will be hitting the super fast tracks to tackle the time trials. So that you can get the best time possible, here’s everything you need to know about how to barrel roll in Wipeout Omega Collection.

While you’ll have plenty of fun running though all the collection’s tracks and unlocking all of the ships available, whether that is in VR or not, the time trials are where you’re likely to get lost.

Barrel Rolls are a technique that allow you to get a speed boost quickly. Performing them consumes ship energy and they’re not easy to pull off.

How to Barrel Roll in Wipeout Omega Collection

What you need to do is quickly press left, right, and then left again on the d-pad, or the same sequence but starting with right. However, a barrel roll cannot just be done at any time to get the boost.

Your ship needs to be in the air. Not in the standard floaty sense that ships always are in Wipeout Omega Collection, but higher, as if jumping in a more traditional racing game.

Since your ship needs to be in the air, you need to hit the three directional buttons very quickly, and you need to be precise. Players have reported instances of them pressing one too many buttons, the game using the usual amount of ship energy, but the barrel roll move not being activated.

Some players have also moved the barrel roll inputs to the shoulder buttons (R1 and L1) as it feels more natural to them, so you can do that through the game’s menus if it feels better to you. Barrel rolls are very helpful for setting fast times in Wipeout Omega Collection, so try and master them if you can.

That’s everything you need to know about how to barrel roll in Wipeout Omega Collection. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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