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Pokemon Masters: What the Max Level Cap Is

pokemon masters, level cap

Pokemon Masters: What the Max Level Cap Is

Pokemon Masters is a new type of Pokemon experience that puts the emphasis on the Trainers as much as the Pokemon themselves. Called Sync Pairs, the Trainer and a single Pokemon form a dynamic duo that you’ll level up throughout the game. If you’re wanting to know what the max level cap is, here’s your answer.

What the Max Level Cap Is in Pokemon Masters

From the very start of Pokemon Masters, you’ll be acquainted with the terms ‘Sync Pair’ and ‘Level Cap,’ and that’s because each pair you play with has a different level range and a max level that they can reach according to their star.

However, this isn’t set in stone; a level cap can be broken through and increased four separate times.

The below table shows the different max levels for each Sync Pair Star number:

Sync PairMax Level1st LB2nd LB3rd LB4th LB
3 Star Sync Pairs3045607590
4 Star Sync Pairs3550658095
5 Star Sync Pairs40557085100

As you can see, the max level cap is 100 for a 5 Star Sync Pair. It doesn’t go any higher than that.

If you’re wondering how to increase the max level of a Sync Pair then head over to our dedicated guide on the topic.

In brief, you’ll need to beat a special quest called ‘Reach Past Your Limits,’ which, once beaten, allows you to break your level cap, assuming you have the required resources.

That should be everything you need to know about what the max level cap is in Pokemon Masters. For more useful tips and guides on the game, check out our wiki page.

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