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Pokemon Go: How To Get and Use the Mystery Box

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Pokemon Go: How To Get and Use the Mystery Box

The Mystery Box in Pokemon Go holds many small wonders within its dark and mystifying outer shell. These small wonders are known as Meltan, the latest addition to the family of mythical Pokemon.

Right now there’s only one way to get the little puddle of molten metal, and that’s with a Mystery Box. Pop open that container and you’ll be able to get 9 to 10 Meltan over the course of 30 minutes.

That’s great info, but the first and arguably most important step is getting that item. Here’s everything you need to know to get the Mystery Box in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go: How To Get the Mystery Box

Meltan first seemingly appeared as a glitch or placeholder Pokemon that would transform into Ditto upon capture. It turned out that trainers were actually seeing the first creature to ever debut in Pokemon Go.

A couple of weeks later, the Mystery Box was revealed in a video featuring Prof. Willow opening the dark container and quickly getting swarmed by Meltan. This was the first confirmation of how to obtain Meltan.

To obtain the Mystery Box that contains these mythical creatures, all you need to do is transfer a Pokemon from Go to Let’s Go Eevee or Pikachu on the Switch. This will unlock the item which will stay in your inventory.

Simply select the item as you would with any other and tap on the box to open it up. There will be a quick animation of the container unlocking with some fog pouring out of the openings.

Once the box is open it’ll function like incense for Meltan and you won’t be able to use the item again for another week. You must transfer another Pokemon from Go to Let’s Go to make the box reuseable.

There are events that will occasionally cut down your wait time for Mystery Box use, so keep an eye out for those. Also, this item can be used to help catch the steel Pokemon required for Jirachi’s Special Research tasks.

How to Get and Use the Mystery Box

  1. Transfer any Pokemon from Go to Let’s Go

    This will either add the Mystery Box to your item bag or reactivate it.

  2. Open the Mystery Box

    Simply tap on the item to select and then one more time to open it.

  3. Catch those Meltans!

    The box will stay open for 30 minutes and spawn Meltans.

  4. Wait one week and repeat

    Once the 30 minutes pass then you’ll have to wait one week and transfer another Pokemon for the Mystery Box to be useable again.

Now that you know everything about the Mystery Box in Pokemon Go, it’s time for you to get out there and work on some Special Research tasks. Here’s our guide on the Jirachi Thousand-Year Slumber quest.

Image Source: Attack of the Fanboy

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