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Oninaki: How to Get Soul Stones Fast

Oninaki, How to Get Soul Stones Fast

Oninaki: How to Get Soul Stones Fast

As cool as Oninaki‘s Daemons are, they won’t do you much good unless you upgrade them with plenty of Soul Stones. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out how to get Soul Stones fast.

How to Get Soul Stones Fast in Oninaki

Acting as a measurement of your skill with a certain Daemon, Soul Stones are rewarded to you for successfully using a Daemon to take down increasing numbers of enemies.

These stones can then be used to unlock nodes from said Daemon’s skill tree, ranging from over-powered new skills to memories that explain how these Daemons came to be.

Each Daemon likewise has their own Soul Stones, requiring you to switch between Daemons regularly in order to level each of them up and maintain their usefulness throughout your journey.

On paper, this means you’d need to choose which Daemons you’d like to focus on as you make your way through the game, killing as many enemies with these specific Daemons as you can along the way.

However, there is an exploit you can use to amass all the Stones you need for every Daemon in no time flat.

Which Enemies Give You Soul Stones Fast

To get Soul Stones fast in Oninaki, all you need to do is use enemy spawn points to grind through an infinite number of enemies.

In certain areas, there are blue portals that spawn an infinite number of enemies until they’re destroyed. While these portals are intended to be destroyed as quickly as possible, they can instead be used to create an endless stream of enemies to kill, vastly speeding up how quickly your Daemons accrue Soul Stones.

Simply travel to any of the game’s areas while in the living world and keep an eye out for a blue portal that spawns enemies. Once you’ve found one, switch over to your Daemon of choice and kill every enemy the portal spawns.

The rate at which you unlock Soul Stones will slow the longer you do this and the more powerful you get. With some patience though, you’ll soon have every Daemon in your party maxed out and ready to destroy anything that crosses your path.

That should cover everything there is to know about how to get Soul Stones fast in Oninaki. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to equip and change Shadestones and another on how to upgrade weapons.

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