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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Pugneum Fast & Easy

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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Pugneum Fast & Easy

No Man’s Sky has certainly come a long way since its original rocky launch, and Hello Games has just released the massive, new Beyond update for the game. Here’s how to get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky, and what it’s used for.

How to Get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky

  • Defeating Sentinels

Unfortunately, Pugneum isn’t a resource that can be mined easily or found by just exploring planets. In fact, there seems to be only one way to get it, and that’s by killing Sentinels.

Before you go too crazy, we definitely recommend upgrading your Boltcaster a little so that you’re more prepared to deal with the Sentinels.

After that, it’s simply a matter of causing enough destruction on a planet to get the Sentinels to come after you, and killing them for a good chance at getting a nice amount of Pugneum.

If you don’t feel too comfortable fighting the Sentinels on a planet surface, though, you can also farm Pugneum by taking down Sentinel ships when you’re in space. Of course, just make sure that your ship’s weaponry are well-equipped to deal with hostiles as well.

What Pugneum Is Used For in No Man’s Sky

Pugneum is one of the rarer resources in the game, and you’ll need a good amount of it to repair and open loot containers that you find in abandoned freighters throughout the galaxy.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Pugneum fast and easy in No Man’s Sky. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, or check out more of our guides below.

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