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Hearthstone: How to Beat Untapped Potential Quest & Get Ossirian Tear

Untapped Potential

Hearthstone: How to Beat Untapped Potential Quest & Get Ossirian Tear

There are another 135 cards to collect in Hearthstone thanks to the Saviours of Uldum expansion. One-mana quest cards make their return once again, too, though this time their reward alters your heroes’ spell power. Here we’re going over what you need to do to beat the Untapped Potential quest, a Legendary Druid card that unlocks the Ossirian Tear ability.

How to Beat Untapped Potential Quest & Get Ossirian Tear in Hearthstone

You may have got Untapped Potential as your Legendary quest card just for logging into Hearthstone during Saviours of Uldum, but for those that didn’t, there are still other ways to get the card.

Untapped Potential can be earned by purchasing themed decks from the shop. You can use the gold you have earned from playing Hearthstone’s various modes or real-world money.

It’s also available as a potential reward for winning Arena games, or by completing the various single-player game modes introduced with the expansion.

If you have Arkane Dust to burn then you can always craft the cards, too. Here are the costs for Untapped Potential:

Crafting cost

  • Untapped Potential – 1,600
  • Golden Untapped Potential – 3,200


  • Untapped Potential – 400
  • Golden Untapped Potential – 1,600

This quest shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. In fact, if you try not to spend all your mana each turn then you could complete it as early as turn five.

The main challenge with this quest is that you’re basically giving up a mana point each turn, so you won’t be able to play as powerful minions as your opponent.

To make the most of this deficit, you’ll want to incorporate the Crystal Merchant in your deck, which will draw a card for every mana point left at the end of your turn. Obviously, use your coin to your advantage if you’re starting second.

Early moves might include using Worthy Expedition on turn two and on turn three use Crystal Merchant. It shouldn’t take you long to complete the quest with this early start. Here’s a rough deck guide that should help you:

  • Worthy Expedition (1)
  • Crystal Merchant (2)
  • Power of the Wild (2)
  • Questing Explorer (2)
  • Wrath (2)
  • War Druid Loti (3)
  • Oasis Surger (5)
  • Hidden Oasis (6)
  • Nourish (6)
  • Cenarius (9)

That should give you a good idea of how to beat Untapped Potential and get the Ossirian Tear ability in Hearthstone. For more Saviours of Uldum guides, be sure to search Twinfinite. We’ve listed some related content below you might find useful:

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