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Fortnite Claptrap’s Missing Eye Location: Where to Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye & Where Claptrap Is

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Fortnite Claptrap’s Missing Eye Location: Where to Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye & Where Claptrap Is

The Fortnite X Mayhem crossover has begun, bringing a bunch of Borderlands-themed goodness to the world of Fortnite. Of course, it wouldn’t be a special event if there weren’t challenges to complete, and one of the ‘Welcome to Pandora’ challenges tasks players to ‘Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye and Return It To Him.’ Here’s how to do exactly that.

Where to Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye in Fortnite

fortnite claptrap's missing eye
The blue marker shows where Claptrap’s missing eye is, while the white marker shows where Claptrap himself is.

Fortnite Claptrap Location

Claptrap himself can be found out on the west side of the new Pandora area in the south/ southeast section of the desert biome. In the very southwest corner where the gas station used to stand, you’ll find the ‘Welcome to Pandora’ sign. Claptrap can be found underneath this… eyeless.

It’s worth noting you don’t have to visit him first, but it’s good to know exactly where you’ll need to head once you’ve found Claptrap’s missing eye in Fortnite.

Fortnite Missing Eye Location

Claptrap’s missing eye can be found in the southeast corner of this new Pandora Rift Zone in Fortnite. Specifically, you’re looking for the dark colored house that’s somewhat standing by its own, shown in the image below.

claptrap's missing eye location in Fortnite

Head inside through the side door and turn right. You’ll find Claptrap’s missing eye just lying on the floor between the chair and the TV in the corner of the room. Pick it up and then start making your way back to Claptrap.

fortnite claptrap's missing eye location

Once you’ve done this the first time, it’s simply a case of rinse repeating the exact same locations over again to return the eye a second time to everyone’s favorite little bot.

Tips for Returning Claptrap’s Missing Eye

The problem is, for this to count, you have to both find Claptrap’s missing eye and return it to him in a single match.

That’s pretty tricky, considering the number of players currently going about trying to complete these challenges, and the fact they’re both located in the new named location in Fortnite.

As such, we advise trying to stick around the edges of Pandora in Fortnite, rather than running straight through it. Keep to the quiet spots and try playing a game mode like Team Rumble so you can constantly respawn over and over to get it done in a single match.

That’s everything you need to know on Claptrap’s missing eye in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 10 guide wiki.

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