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Control: How to Get All Clearance Levels

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Control: How to Get All Clearance Levels

Remedy took heavy inspiration from other Metroidvania games and incorporates of those elements into their own title, Control. In Control certain areas of the FBC building are unlocked over time as you gain increased access. Here’s how to get all clearance levels in Control.

All Clearance Level Locations in Control

As we mentioned above, access is required to reach locked areas of the FBC building in Control that are still under lockdown. You won’t be able to just open every door right away, and can only open doors that either don’t have a number, or have a number that you have access to.

For example, you start at 1, and over time throughout the main mission, you’ll unlock five more bringing you up to 6, allowing you to open any doors that have those numbers.

It’s worth noting that you unlock levels throughout the story of Control, sometimes they are just handed to you by a story character, and other times you need to literally pick up an item containing it, but at some point or another throughout the story, you’ll will need to get to 6.

So don’t worry too much about missing them somehow. One way or another you will get all of them.

Still, just in case you’re having a hard time or just want to know how long you have to wait, below you can see when and where you’ll get it.


  • Clearance Level 1: You start Control with access.
  • Clearance Level 2: Ahti gives it to you when you meet him again in the mission Directorial Override.
  • Clearance Level 3: Obtained after returning to Emily after repairing the power plant.
  • Clearance Level 4: You’ll get this after fixing the Black Rock processing machine in Old Boys Club Mission.
  • Clearance Level 5: After reaching Black Rock, located on the desk near the FBC video screen.
  • Clearance Level 6: Obtained shortly after completing The Face of the Enemy.

That’s all you need to know for how to get and unlock all clearance levels in Control for PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our wiki guide chock full of them. Or if you’re interested on what we thought of Control, check out our fully scored review.

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