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Catherine Full Body: How to Undo Moves

catherine full body, undo moves

Catherine Full Body: How to Undo Moves

After a long wait, Catherine Full Body has finally been released for the PS4 and Xbox 360. It features a brand new character named Rin, along with a few different story endings and branching paths to explore. Here’s how to undo moves in Catherine Full Body.

How to Undo Moves in Catherine Full Body

Just like in the original game, Catherine Full Body allows you to undo moves and mistakes in the middle of a puzzle level. However, that mechanic works a little bit differently now.

By default, on the Normal difficulty setting, you’ll be able to undo up to your last three moves, and no more. However, it is possible to gain more undos as you progress through a level.

While you’re climbing up the towers, keep a lookout for white pillows that you can pick up. Each pillow will allow you an extra undo. Whereas in the first game the pillows determined how many retries you had, in Catherine Full Body they determine how many moves you can undo.

To do this, all you want to do is hit the L1 button (or LB if you’re on Xbox One) to undo your last move or mistake. You can keep doing this until you’re out of moves to undo, or if you’re out of undos and pillows.

Of course, you might come to a point where no amount of undoing will salvage a ruined puzzle. In cases like these, you’ll have to restart the puzzle. You can do this by going into the options menu and choosing the Retry option.

The good news is that if you managed to reach a checkpoint in the puzzle, you can restart from the checkpoint instead of starting from scratch.

That’s all you need to know about how to undo moves in Catherine Full Body. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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