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Age of Wonders Planetfall: All Console Commands

age of wonders planetfall, console commands

Age of Wonders Planetfall: All Console Commands

Age of Wonders Planetfall, the new strategy game from Triumph Studios is out now and proving to be quite popular. With the focus being taking control of the world as your faction, there’s plenty of fun to be had in the game, and that can be enhanced with the use of cheats. Here are all the console commands you can use in Age of Wonders Planetfall.

While there’s not quite the range of cheats that you’d see in the likes of the Age of Empires and GTA series, there some good commands that you can use here to make the game a little easier or more lighthearted.

Also, all of the console commands are named after famous Dutch people, with the developer’s studio being based there. For example, there’s one based on soccer legend Johan Cruyff which loosely links to his dribbling abilities.

How to Use Console Commands

First of all, these are only available on the PC version of Age of Wonders Planetfall, so won’t be able to use them on PS4 and Xbox One. To use the commands, all you have to do is press Ctrl, Alt, and C and type the code into the box that pops up.

All Console Commands in Age of Wonders Planetfall

The full list of console commands that you can input in the box that appears is:

  • Rembrant: Instantly gives your faction 100,000 Energy and 100,000 Cosmite.
  • Leeuwenhoek: Complete any on-going research projects.
  • Philips: Completes any on-going Production in all cities.
  • Tasman: Fully explores the map.
  • Barentz: Removes fog of war and fully explores the map.
  • Hauer: Levels up selected units or heroes to the maximum.
  • Cruijff: Allows you to movements for all units and infinite amount.
  • Hein: See you instantly win the current map.

That’s it for all the console commands you can use in Age of Wonders Planetfall. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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