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Starbound: How to Get Soda


Starbound: How to Get Soda

Starbound is an action-adventure game set in the throes of space. It features a fun combat system and great characterization within its characters. Part of surviving through this adventure is maintaining your energy and one way to do that is by drinking soda. Here’s how to get soda in Starbound.

Here’s How to Get Soda in Starbound

Getting soda in Starbound isn’t necessarily difficult — you simply buy it as you would any other item. That being said, getting to the place where you can buy soda can be difficult, or at the very least, confusing. Before diving into how to get soda, though, let’s talk about what soda does after you drink it.

What Soda Does

When you drink it, your character will receive the Energy Regen Boost status effect. This status effect makes it so where energy regeneration slowly regenerates your pool of energy points.

Where to Get Soda

To get soda, you need to make y9ur way to Infinity Express. Unfortunately, getting to Infinity Express requires a few extra steps.

The first thing you need to do is find the Gate. The Gate is a special location that you can use to teleport to the Outpost or The Ark. To find the Gate, head to the very edge of the planetary orbital.

There is a gate in every single star system so no matter where you are, if you head to the edge of the planetary orbitals, you’ll find the Gate.

At the Gate, teleport to the Outpost. Here, there are various shops and NPCs to buy items and pick up quests from. Just outside the Outpost is Infinity Express.

Head there and go inside. There, you’ll see a number of items available for purchase including soda. It will cost you 200 pixels and it can be purchased in numbers.

When you drink it, you’ll receive the Energy Regen Boost status effect.

At the Infinity Express, you can also purchase soda, bandage, chocolate, climbing rope, flares, Erchius Crystal, medical kits, Liquid Erchius Fuel, processors, flashlights, woven fabric, leather, synthetic material, canned food and cheese.

That’s it for our guide on how to get soda in Starbound.

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