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Nintendo Details Dr. Mario World Multiplayer in New Video

Dr. Mario World

Nintendo Details Dr. Mario World Multiplayer in New Video

Nintendo released a new video explaining the multiplayer mechanics for the company’s latest game coming to mobile devices, Dr. Mario World.

Like previous Nintendo games for mobile, the free-to-play Dr. Mario World will have a separate friends list where players can link their Facebook or Line accounts to connect with friends.

Friends are able to view progress, challenge to a multiplayer game, and send stamina hearts. Stamina hearts are necessary to play the game, and can also be refilled by waiting on a timer or paying with diamonds, the premium currency.

The versus mode challenges friends or random players to real-time battles. Players have to match three of the same colored pills to fill up a bar and send viruses to the other player, which the strength of the viruses is determined by a character’s attack power.

There is also a skill meter that fills up by clearing viruses and can activate a character’s skill, such a specific number of columns or eliminating random objects. A match ends when one player’s board has been filled to the bottom with viruses.

Dr. Mario World will be launching for iOS and Android devices on July 10 and players can pre-register the app from the respective app store to be notified when it is available to download.

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